Erfi Anugrah


Muted sounds, tiny waves crashing. My limbs wading, cutting through. For a time, the only instance for when I could sequester myself away from the world.


The impermanence of things; a matter of eventuality, presents themselves in a rather alien way than what I am used to. In a sense, makes for a feeling of saudade.


In most senses of the word - places that I have been to over the years. Places that I have not really stopped to think about, and have just passed by.


The perception of time has changed for me, rather drastically in fact. I started seeing things a little bit differently, moments of wonder and awe was had even for the smallest of occurences, which normally would have been something I just ignore.


It started with an idea or rather an intention to create something but certain things never come to light. Or rather in our attempt to keep it in the shadows, it would still