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Perceptually the differences are minute, that is, if you take into consideration the entities’ core and compare the two. However, the differences are interminable when you take into account the minutiae.

I have been quite sporadic lately, haven’t I? Fret not, for everything is as it should be, as everything will be. A matter of eventuality.

I was transported back a year ago, right, it has been year hasn’t it? Cold winter mornings, bright spring days. Orange skies, green fields. And the frolicking felines.

Thinking about it now, how the melodies seemed so big. Life can be huge. And it is. Like how the ocean makes me feel. How it just threatens to swallow me whole. But what was, in actuality, myself. How easy it was to retreat into the deepest penetralia of my mind.

Introversion helps that a lot, doesn’t it? And it was easy. Turning things over on itself countless times. Simulations upon simulations. But madness is just doing the same things over and over again, expecting the same result.

I guess I was mad.

Compartments within compartments. Re-assessments. Re-organisation. Rebuilding. I have talked about how the individuality is infinite, and that no one really changes. That is an oxymoron. But it is both. I am me, but I am not. The self from a year ago is the self today, who will be the self a year from now. But perceptibly, those selves, would be different. But they are not.

I would not go so far as to call such things portents, but someone said to me once that no one is really ever alone. I never understood that, and probably he meant something else but I do not think that matters anyway. Because man is always two. The mind and the desire. That stopped me from rationalising the situation that I was in as I was indeed too close to the problem. Hence the saying, “Right under your nose”.

We are good at blocking things out, cropping things out, seeing only what we want to see, hence why I used perceive as we do not see things for what they are, but what we want they to be in our minds, perceptibly.

I knew I would be here.

Published: Mar 05 2019
Updated: Sep 15 2019