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I have not written anything for close to four months now. I just … fell off of it. I even stopped writing on my journal, if I had kept it up. the book would have been finished by now. It is one those things that I have always tried to remind myself about or chided myself when I did not live up to that standard that I had set for myself.

The fact that you would have gone a lot further had you not stopped. If you remember there’s this motivational poster about two miners, mining for gems, and one gave up. Had he hit it one more time, he would have gotten it. Or she.

Not that things like keeping up with blogs or journals are of the same vein, nonetheless the principle should be applied to as many facets of your life as possible.

But I digress.

I am here to talk about my book as it is done. The launch is shaky I might add. Amazon KDP is finicky, and slow. As well as strict. So the book had to be published with German as the language, even though the content is in English. It has been a long time coming though. Periods of self-doubt, demoralisation and discombobulation.

Oft-times (maybe sometimes), the purpose of doing the project eludes me and I question myself why I bother doing the things that I do. For those who are privy, I like to set up challenges for myself throughout the year, could be one or a few. Just for the sake of it.

See. The sake of the act itself is in itself a justification or the purpose for said act. When I think about it existentially, you know, at that scale, nothing really matters. But you end up there anyway, the effort to pull back and ground yourself can be an arduous task. But hey, here we are now, done is better than not done.

At least for the short term.

Get the zine here.

Published: Jan 24 2019
Updated: Sep 15 2019