Marathon Man

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So yes, I ran a marathon yesterday.

It still feels surreal that I actually have done it. There’s that feeling euphoria of having completed it. But when all’s settled. All of life’s miseries came rushing back in spades. I did tear up at one point during the race. And my thoughts in the beginning of the race was filled by things besides the race. Not a good way to start. But, the first half was not too bad.

I am now suffering like an old man. I can barely walk or stand up or sit down or go down the stairs. Everything’s a pain. But I am eating a lot now, which is a good thing. I have to gain back all the lost muscle. So yes, I might try the gym this time. I’ll do a 5x5 programme. Functional strength.

it’s a time for recovery now (in the literal sense). Getting back into physical shape, training and running a marathon does wondrous damage to your body.

So why a marathon? To those who know me to some capacity. They’ll say I don’t like running long distances, or that I find it boring. Which is true. So why? Why suffer for 42.195km, doing something I don’t like, pay money for it, then get pain and suffering afterwards? Why do anything at all I guess. Everyone has their reasons for doing anything that they set out to do. Nothing’s really right or wrong.

I guess it’s the same reason why anyone else does it I suppose. For me personally, those reasons above are exactly why. I wanted to prove it to myself that I could do something as hard as that and pull through. And to do it, just for the sake of it (I can be a bit of a masochist sometimes). And I want to see if I really can follow through with my mantra of “finishing what I started”.

So I did it. And I will probably do another next year. Give it another go. For statistical purposes.

Published: Dec 04 2017
Updated: Sep 15 2019