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As it goes, it’s the new year, so we have to post something to reflect on the previous year, be it a change that one inspires to do or a reflection. But everyone does it. So, you decide not to do one. But then again, you give admission to the fact that people do. To not do one is reactionary due to the fact that you didn’t do it because of others but even if you didn’t think of that, and should you be asked, no one would believe it. But you don’t really care, right?

Then, there’s the case of doing it knowing that everyone does it but not caring, because you’re doing it because of yourself, and that somehow you live in a vacuum not being affected by the environment’s influence.

Of course, the answer is that it’s based on a social context that has been built since Babylonia but the version that we know of is contemporary in nature. Because if you really had to reflect on the year only when it’s at its end, (which in a way has some logic behind it) you realise it’s not very effective (well I guess you don’t since you still do it), as probably the majority of the changes that you want to make could have been made within the year itself instead of waiting for a “clean slate” the new year brings.

I think that this is a special kind of ignorance. You’d be surprised at the kind of mental gymnastics people put themselves through to justify their actions. Sure, one might say that they did it just because, but that has little meaning. I’m sure there are people but as social creatures that we are. It’s more the exception than the rule.

So, what does it make this post though?

Published: Jan 02 2018
Updated: Sep 15 2019