The First


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A month has passed. Some things has certainly changed, and others remained the same or in the sense that they became solidified. I have come to know a myriad of interesting characters, some having the potential of being a part of a greater ideal, others may just be passing acquaintances. Only time will tell.

Interesting stories are heard, and told. More so than I can possibly recount here without creating a contrived novel with no clear direction. Vistas that I would look back and remember; the sights, the sounds. Most importantly, despite the flurry of changes, the ebb and flow of everything around me; the direction is clear, and the movement is unceasing. Always forward.

Progress is slow at times, which is fine since things are being done for that aim(s) that I do have in mind. No reason why you can’t do it all (within reason). To say that much more can be done within this period is certainly possible however upon retrospection things are going along fine or rather that I do have to take it easy sometimes.

Personally, I suppose I am taking two steps forward, and three steps backward; a lot of the time, despite everything else trudging along at a steady pace or even picking up speed. I know that it is something I cannot leave to its own devices, but I have my priorities for now. To say this would be a bad decision or a good one, would only be known with time.

But what is clear now certainly was something that wasn’t before. It’s not new per se, it was something apparent even then. But it required a bit more rumination and persuasion, to re-realise it. So, at the very least that is achieved (I hope).

As to what is to come, I would say there would be a lot more. I do apologise for the lack of content, and it is intentional. The next thing would have to be the portrait series that I am working on currently. A portrait was done recently, hopefully needn’t be redone, and more to come in the coming months.

You can call it a palate cleansing, if you will. Enjoy the landscape shot for the time being.

Till then.

Published: Feb 01 2018
Updated: Sep 15 2019