The Third


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I have not been diligent this time. Coming up with something for the month of March would prove to be challenging mostly because it was fraught with assignments and examinations. I am halfway through at this juncture. I must say I am disappointed in various aspects of my progress or rather the hindrances to the things that I want to do or achieve (excuses).

The Stockholm marathon may prove to be a no-go situation because my Swedish language examination is on the same day. Photography wise, after Umeå, it took a back-seat kind of. But hey, a fancy almost fully functioning SX-70 is coming my way soon. So that is something to look forward to.

Since it’s springtime, there is much to look forward to, with more sun, and therefore more outdoor time. The people that have told me about how they want their portraits to be, love the outdoors like I do, so I hope that aspect would be more fruitful, at the very least, I shall endeavour to do so.

In retrospect, what has changed? I guess, I am in a better position overall. Still some ways to go but it is something. Post-hoc rationalisation may work here now. So we will see how that turns out. One thing that I have thought about is how we seem to behave in predictable patterns. At least, I have caught myself doing so. It is pretty easy to get trapped in routines, you get comfortable.

Don’t get me wrong. Discipline is important. But when you think about the people who are seemingly more fortunate than you are, it is not that there is that element of luck per se (there is, to an extent) but for things to happen you have to keep an open mind. Explore, be curious.

”Luckier” people I think, tend to be more “present”, they are observant and are always on the look out for opportunities. Before you face your adversities, first you must win that battle in your mind.

It is like what Wayne Gretzky said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

Published: Apr 02 2018
Updated: Sep 15 2019