With Anam, things just flow, we just met up on a day we could meet, and took photos around the neighbourhood.


We have known each other since 2008. We saw each other grow up, and grow old. I have been through his many interests, and this one stuck the longest. It is an endeavour I wished I was brave enough to embark on, but perhaps one day? For now, I will support him for his.

Phoebe & David

Met this couple on a photo walk. The husband, an excellent illustrator with the ballpoint pen. Wife, one of the friendliest purveyors of art I have met. We sat down at a beer garden, and talked about each other and got to talking about this very project.


The friendship we have has always been tenuous. But the fragility of it also tends to be something that defines it, or rather, is characteristic of it.


We talked about his project which consisted of photographers all over the world, and now he is on mine. During the short amount of time that we met, not to say the least that it is the quality of the time spent, and not the quantity of which.